Brands Make a Man?

 23 Jun 2018  2693

‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ for covers can often flatter to deceive! I wish the youth of today wouldn’t use ‘brands’ to ‘flatter’ – themselves or their peers. Nothing wrong with buying and wearing products that are styled, comfortable, and whose hallmark is quality. But how many of us buy, wear, or choose ‘makes’ for those reasons alone? Do we really purchase on the basis of how things ‘suit’ us? Or the fact that we love their attributes? That it’s worth the cost and gives value for money? Alas and unfortunately, more often than not, no!

The teens of today (as even ‘adults’) use ‘brands’ to lift their very brittle ego. It gives them a kind of ‘elevated’ feeling to have and be adorned by clothes, accessories, and what have you, because they believe that with these ‘possessions’ their self-worth that is so delicate will be ‘padded’ and their inferiority complex will recede. Little do they realize that it may well, but only temporarily. After the high ‘wears’ off, they go back to new purchases, and a vicious cycle of buying—feeling good—more buying, ensues.

Parents would do well to ‘educate’ their children that true self-worth comes from accepting themselves as they are. That gadgets, goods, products, etc., may well make life simpler and easier and possibly bring advantages to them. But that in no way does it define them or elevate their ‘status’. For their status is not dependable on such trivia. True ‘status’ comes from more solidity. Self-belief that I like myself as I am. Not because I wear, own or possess trade names, makes or brands. That my peers, if they have such, means nothing about their self-worth and definitely in no way impacts mine, since possessions are inconsequential to status. Status doesn’t depend on what others think of me, but more on how I think of myself. For that honestly is the only thing I can control. Worrying about what people think, and adorning oneself with ‘brands’ to create that good impression, is always going to leave you very, very, susceptible. Vulnerable to falling into the trap of ‘brand consciousness’. Not because you enjoy, can afford, or adore its qualities, but more to keep up with the Joneses!

  • Buy and wear what is becoming to you. Not because it makes you feel elevated. For that feeling is transient and will fade away, setting up a vicious cycle of wanting more and more to feel ‘high’.
  • Your worth doesn’t come from what you ‘own’ but from how comfortable you are with yourself, as you are.
  • Other people’s possessions do not make them any ‘better’ or ‘worse’ than you. They may only have advantages because of it.
  • What others think of you is inconsequential to your ‘worth’. For your status hardly comes from others. It depends on how much (or how little) you think of yourself!
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