• I'm feeling much much better and rejuvenated with time. Every time I think some factor can trigger off my crying spells or depression...I only think of what you explained. The art of detaching. And I bounce back to normalcy. I owe my happy state of mind to your sessions! Seriously!

    But yes...I've progressed emotionally and how! I can feel the stability all over gain and look at things objectively and decide better. I used to feel fatigued and nauseous a lot many times when I either bumped into my ex or screwed up professionally. Now I feel healthier and happier! The crying spells have vanished. The therapy has clearly shown substantial results. I've been able to help myself and love myself all over again with your help.
  • I believe my parents visited you yesterday at Lilavati hospital to speak about my sexual orientation and I'd like to thank you for speaking with them. I think it helped them tremendously and from what I gather after speaking with them today, they seem to be making peace with the facts. I just needed to thank you and if you are ever in New York, I'd like very much to say hello.
  • I really feel better now talking to you the other day. Thanx a tonne for bringing me back to my senses.
  • Just wanted to thank you as the sessions really helped. I was far more better and composed in court. Have a long way to go…
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