Corporate Training

 26 Mar 2018  1792

ROI? If you really want to gain favorably from your capital spends pay attention to your biggest asset – your employee. Invest in developing joy for work, love of labor, passion to perform and the pride to deliver. And see your tangible assets grow!


“Because people cannot be separated from their knowledge, skills, health, or values, expenditure on training and development is considered as an investment in human capital.” Gary S Becker

Your most important asset? Your employee! He’s only looked upon as a cog in the wheel of productivity and revenue. You forget that he brings his mindset to the job. And if he dislikes what he does, is uninvolved in his responsibilities, is uncooperative with colleagues, remains absent and dispassionate, your revenues will always be limited!

Training in ‘mindsets’ makes all the difference between organizations that flourish and those that fail.


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